Business etiquette

The new rules in digital age 

Should you be friends with your boss on Facebook? Have you ever mistakenly emailed someone the wrong message or copied someone on a message without intending to? With the increasing use of social media and other digital communication tools, it’s easy to say or do the wrong thing. Unfortunately, missteps in these areas can have lasting consequences.

To help you avoid such blunders, Robert Half has created a comprehensive guide which offers insights into the latest digital etiquette protocols.

Learn digital etiquette tips when using:

  • LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter
  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Mobile devices
  • Phone, video and web conferencing
  • Plus: Sticky Etiquette Q&A

Download our guide Business Etiquette: the new rules in a digital age >>

 Business Etiquette: the new rules in a digital age


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