Project consulting case studies


This project portfolio gives a series of examples of how Robert Half Management Resources independent project consultants have helped companies successfully complete a wide array of projects across the Asia Pacific region. For more insight into how we can help you, download this booklet today. Project consulting case studies

The top five most common projects are:

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Development of risk management policies
  • Implementation/upgrade of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Changes to internal audit function
  • Outsourcing of IT processes/services.

Independent project consultants can help you to deliver these projects as planned. The main advantages of working with project consultants are:

  • They are objective and independent
  • They bring experience from other companies and industries
  • They have specialist knowledge
  • They are a flexible, cost effective alternative to a consulting firm.

Our independent project consultants have assisted companies across the region with a number of financial projects

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