Should I quit my job without a back-up plan?

Has the question ‘should I quit my job’ been popping up in your mind lately? The decision to resign should be a careful, informed and rational one. Here are five questions you should ask yourself first before deciding to quit your job.

How to answer: “What are your weaknesses?”

Like most job interview questions, “What are your weaknesses” can be challenging to answer. To answer this interview question well, you first have to know what your weaknesses are. Then, you have to craft a response that puts those weaknesses in the best possible light.

5 finance career questions that you may be asked in Hong Kong

It has been a challenging year for Hong Kong’s finance sector. Finance professionals, particularly in investment banking, faced job cuts and competition from Shanghai as a financial hub. If you intend to pursue a finance career in Hong Kong, here are 5 challenging questions that you will need to be prepared for.