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What is the risk of presenteeism in Hong Kong?

Presenteeism (the practice of coming to work when sick leave should be taken) may seem harmless, even commendable in its dedication to work. However, there are many hidden costs to presenteeism, and it’s important that you and your staff know how to identify and avoid it. Here are our tips.

Hackathons: a brave new world for technology

Once an informal practice by developers brainstorming new apps, the hackathon is now a mainstay in the information technology (IT) industry. Today, hackathons allow software developers to collaborate with designers, project managers and subject matter experts in intensive, high-energy sessions. What is the impact of hackathons on the IT industry?

Does having a "Tiger Mom" impact your career?

Love her or hate her, Amy Chua’s treatise on ‘tiger mom’ parenting has brought up discussions about the influence of parenting methods on one’s personal development. However, does this notion of a continuous pursuit for perfection have an impact on one’s job later in life? Does in fact having a ‘tiger mom’ impact one’s career?

‘Karoshi’ – are your staff working to death?

There is no word for ‘work-life balance’ in the Japanese vocabulary. However, there is a phrase for ‘working to death’ – karoshi – which describes employees who have died from extremely long working hours. Although karoshi is an extreme example of work overload, what can companies and professionals learn from this epidemic to ensure they achieve a better work-life balance?