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Is job hopping the new normal?

'Job hopping' was once frowned upon as a sign of instability. But in recent times, job hopping has now become the norm for many job seekers. What does this mean for company's looking to recruiting new talent?

6 reasons finance professionals love their jobs

There is a lot more to finance and accounting than meets the eye. While most in this field have to deal with the stigma of being 'bean-counters', the truth of the matter is that finance professionals are rarely championed and often misunderstood. Find out why these unsung heroes are unique and love their jobs.

Why digital transformation needs to be on your radar

Going digital is no longer something that only new or cutting-edge companies do. Whether you’re working in a traditional industry, managing an old family business or running a startup, find out in this blog why digital transformation should be on your radar.

4 steps to cloud security that every business should know

While cloud computing has been a gateway to new opportunities for many businesses, this digital streamline has also opened the door to many new security risks that companies may not have previously realised. Here are 4 steps to ensure you and your employees are on top of cloud security.