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As a Product Controller, you will be responsible for the accounting and financial reporting of a trading desk, ensuring the accuracy of trades and liaising with the broader finance team.

Product controllers need to produce Profit and Loss (P&L) accounts on a regular basis including daily and weekly, as well as quarterly.

A Product Controller needs to analyse the figures on P&L for risk and market trends, and ensure adherence to trading limits and broader compliance requirements.

As a Product Controller you will need to conduct in-depth risk analysis and be competent in the use of risk modelling systems. Strong communication skills are essential as a Product Controller is called on to liaise across a variety of different departments.

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  • Complete profit and loss analyses on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis
  • Perform ongoing price verification procedures to ensure appropriate valuation of firm inventory
  • Assess new trades for valuation, accounting treatment, and disclosure in financial statements
  • Evaluate capital requirements for the trading business
  • Produce financial statements, and identify and meet compliance disclosures
  • Liaise with the broader financial reporting team


A degree in Accounting, Economics or Finance is highly desirable for a Product Controller role, and professional certifications such as a CA or CPA may be required by some organisations.

In addition, candidates for a Product Controller role will need to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Excellent knowledge of money markets
  • Outstanding quantitative and analytical skills
  • Strong understanding of net present value, net interest income, and mark to market concepts
  • Confidence to work quickly and under pressure in an environment where markets can change rapidly
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly
  • Proficiency with Excel
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Product Controller salary

A Product Control professional earns an average salary per year of: HK$750,000.

Product Control salaries range from HK$300,000 to HK$1,200,000+.

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