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Hiring climate

Employment & salary outlook for 2016:

  • Asia continues to play a lead role in international growth, and remains an attractive destination providing businesses from across the globe a gateway to a growing and diverse customer base as well as a geographic foothold in one of the world's most dynamic regions.
  • As a major regional hub, in Hong Kong there remains a sense of optimism for both economic and corporate growth in 2016.
  • Hong Kong's labour market remains extremely healthy with near-zero unemployment rate, and staying up to date with market salaries remains critical in attracting and retaining the loyalty of top talent.

Trends dominating the hiring landscape

  • A complex regional business environment is fueling demand for professionals with specific skills and expertise.
  • Top professionals are driving discussions on remuneration, and salary remains a primary motivator when it comes to retaining key talent.
  • With the evolution of the workplace, flexible work options has increasingly become the benchmark of 'employers of choice'.
  • The rise of project-based, independent consultants who can bring a wealth of experience and cost effective solution to expanding permanent headcount.
Salary by industry


Finance & Accounting salaries


Large companies are expected to underpin demand for finance and accounting professionals in 2016 with more than half planning to recruit new staff in the first half of the year. Key drivers of recruitment include new projects, product/service expansion and penetration of new markets.

Information Technology salaries


Technology advancements are driving business change, delivering growth and innovation across multiple sectors and prompting the need for additional IT talent. Confidence is high across the IT sector with 2 out of 5 CIOs/CTOs planning to expand their teams in the first half of 2016.


Banking & Financial services salaries


The majority of Hong Kong firms will grow their financial services teams in the first half of 2016 however business leaders say it is challenging to recruit top professionals with relevant experience in the current hiring environment.

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