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Our salary calculator in Hong Kong offers a comprehensive overview of salary ranges for professionals working across the finance and accounting, banking and financial services, and IT industries in Hong Kong, using data analysed by our team of recruitment experts and the latest independent salary survey in Hong Kong.

This pay calculator is unique as takes into account the location, job category and job title of the employee when providing results. The salary ranges represent average remuneration, not taking into account bonuses, incentives and other forms of remuneration, such as benefits.

Whether you are in the process of hiring or want to reference market and industry trends to make the best possible decision, get up to date salary information with our salary calculator.

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Our salary data can help you prepare for your next salary review / performance appraisal or help negotiate a pay rise. For more information as well as insights into hiring and salary trends, download the 2016 Robert Half Salary Guide.

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UPDATED data as of April 2016.

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