Robert Half survey reveals that equities are key to wealth creation

03 February 2009

HONG KONG, 4 February 09 – Uncertain economic times call for decisive wealth management strategies and workers in Hong Kong’s finance industry are relying heavily on equities to deliver growth. Over 70 per cent of the Hong Kong based finance and accounting professionals surveyed in the Robert Half Financial Directions Survey 2009 reported to hold stocks, shares and mutual funds.  

The survey, which was conducted to find out how finance professionals globally are managing their own investments during the global economic downturn, revealed that Hong Kong respondents invest more in equities and commodities than respondents in all of the 14 other surveyed countries.

This finding contrasted heavily with respondents in Japan (79 per cent), Singapore (63 per cent) and the UK (50 per cent) who were all in favour of stockpiling cash.  Australian respondents (41%) firmly put their money in bricks and mortar with property being the favoured investment. 

Hong Kong’s Finance workers were also revealed as the most proactive managers of their own investment portfolio, about 62 per cent said they were either “very” or “rather” active when it came to personal wealth creation. This compared starkly to just 31 per cent of respondents in Japan and 34 per cent of respondents in the UK.

The survey generated a few surprises, just 39 per cent of finance workers in the city reported to have invested in real estate, thus dispelling the myth that Hong Kong is a nation of property investors.

Commenting on the results, Andrew Morris, Director, Robert Half Hong Kong said: “It’s not often we get insight as to where individuals globally at the coalface of the finance and accounting industry invest their own money. It’s interesting to compare these findings against your own personal portfolio.”

The Robert Half survey conducted in the third quarter of last year polled 3,556 accountants and finance workers from 14 countries asking their opinions on their personal investment habits.

Robert Half is the world’s leading recruitment agency for positions in the finance, banking and accounting fields.

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