Hong Kong Salary Calculator

The Robert Half Salary Calculator puts information on current salaries at your fingertips.

Salaries for a wide range of roles and industries have changed over the last 12 months. Discover the average salary ranges in your area for finance, accounting, banking and technology professionals with the Robert Half Salary Calculator.



About the Salary Calculator

This complimentary tool is a simple and useful way to calculate salary based decisions for an upcoming job interview or deciding what to offer a new position within your organisation.

Use our Salary Calculator to understand which roles have experienced a pay rise – and by how much, right across Hong Kong.


  • Use our Salary Calculator to know if your current salary matches the market
  • Give yourself greater negotiating power at review time
  • Understand benchmark salaries when negotiating a new role

Hiring managers

  • Our Hong Kong Salary Calculator arms you with the latest salary figures for your team
  • Develop accurate HR budgets using the Salary Calculator results
  • Understand the salary needed to recruit high calibre professionals across Hong Kong
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