Actuarial Manager job description guide

What is an Actuarial Manager?

The Actuarial Manager leads the actuarial team, preparing reports on difference basis, reviewing and supporting the update of actuarial guidelines methodology and policies, and ensuring a smooth transition to IFRS 17. The Actuarial Manager will implement actuarial guidelines related to reporting, handle external audit queries and manage quarterly forecasts, annual budget processes and produce ongoing management reports and analyses.

What should be included in an Actuarial Manager job description?

If you are hiring an Actuarial Manager, the job description can feature:

  • Strong understand on long term IFRS 17 to convey to the executive team
  • Performing actuarial functions including pricing, valuation, financial reporting and experience studies
  • Preparing accurate and timely IFRS financial reporting results for external and internal stakeholders
  • Delivering business forecast analyses to enable informed decisions related to product, sales and financial management
  • Performing testing of models to fulfill various internal and external governance requirements
  • Leading projects and teams to deliver business objectives
  • Planning and managing team workflow in line with priorities, and developing talent across the actuarial team

What skills and qualifications should an Actuarial Manager have?

A formal degree is typically required for an Actuarial Manager, often with tertiary qualifications in:

  1. Actuarial science
  2. Statistics
  3. Mathematics

Professional certifications with an internationally recognised actuarial body may also be desirable for an Actuarial Manager.

There are several qualities that candidates for an Actuarial Manager should be expected to display:

  • Solid understanding of insurance products in Hong Kong
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines

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