Robert Half CEO Tracker

Are you searching for your next C-suite or senior executive hire?

As a recruitment company that specialises in the search and placement of executive leadership talent, Robert Half has conducted research into the HSI-listed CEOs*, compiling key trends found in these top leaders.

Whether it’s their industry background, educational qualifications, or international work experience, the Robert Half CEO Tracker is aimed at uncovering the common qualities found in Hong Kong’s top CEOs.

Looking to hire?

What to include in a CEO job description

What do you include in a job description for the top job in the company? Discover the common traits we uncovered in Hong Kong’s top CEOs to guide your recruitment process.

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Education vs Experience

Which is more valuable when it comes to operating as a CEO? Discover the education and experience trends behind the top CEOs in Hong Kong.

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How to interview a CEO 

Have you ever conducted a job interview with a candidate for CEO? Learn what are the key factors you should look for when hiring for the highest role in the company.

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Do you have your career ambitions set on the boardroom or corner office?

To provide our candidates with insight into what it takes to become a CEO in Hong Kong, Robert Half has conducted research into the HSI-listed CEOs*, compiling trends found in these top leaders.

The Robert Half CEO Tracker aims to highlight key findings, including most common education backgrounds, industry specialities, and work experience trends to illuminate the most common pathways to become a CEO today.

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Who are Hong Kong’s top CEOs?

How much do you know about Hong Kong’s top business leaders? Explore which facts and commonalities are shared amongst CEOs on the Hang Seng Index.

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Does loyalty count for the top job?

If you have your ambitions set on the top job, which is the right pathway – working your way up the ranks, or leaping into the role from outside? Find out what our research uncovered.

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How to become a CEO in Hong Kong

What does it take to become a CEO in Hong Kong? Take inspiration from some of common traits shared by Hong Kong’s top CEOs to guide your pathway.

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Robert Half has conducted research on CEOs leading companies featured on the Hang Seng Composite LargeCap Index (HSLI), by analysing publicly available sources of information about the HSLI CEOs. The objective is to track trends, including their professional and educational background, industry experience, gender, and length of tenure. The research was conducted between the dates of 20/03/19 and 12/04/19.

The LargeCap Index includes 112 companies, representing the top 80% of total market capitalisation of the Hang Seng Composite Index. These companies are the largest listed companies operating in Hong Kong, which include a blend of organisations founded in Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas.