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Contract work a stepping stone to permanent job, say Hong Kong finance leaders

Robert Half research has found Hong Kong’s CFOs are actively extending permanent contracts to workers in temporary/contract roles. Read more here.

China’s Belt and Road Initiative expected to boost investment and employment in Hong Kong

 Robert Half research has found China’s Belt and Road initiative is expected to have a positive impact on businesses and the finance industry in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s most in-demand financial services positions

Robert Half research has found Hong Kong companies are willing to pay competitive salaries in order to secure top financial services talent.

Hong Kong jobseekers forced to turn down a dream job after businesses leave them hanging

Robert Half research has found long, complex recruitment processes are harming businesses’ chances of securing top talent. Read more here.

Millennial job hopping proves no barrier to getting hired for majority of Hong Kong employers

Job hopping within the finance and accounting industry is no longer a hindrance to being offered a job. Read more here.