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Hong Kong IT workers the least bored on the job globally 

Hong Kong’s IT workers spend the least amount of time globally bored on the job.

Hong Kong’s IT workers can look forward to generous pay increase: survey

There’s good news on the horizon for Hong Kong’s IT workers as research by Robert Half reveals 100% of Hong Kong CIOs plan to attribute salary increases.

Hong Kong companies increasingly turn to contract IT workers 

Hong Kong CIOs are increasingly turning to contract IT workers to help deliver more results while maintaining permanent headcount.

Financial services companies bringing offshored jobs back to Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s financial services companies are bringing their offshored operations back to the city as companies are being affected by rising costs.

Hong Kong CIOs expect government cyber-security regulations to result in more jobs and higher pay for IT professionals 

Despite Hong Kong facing increased risks of cyber-attacks, confidence to successfully respond to new regulation is high amongst the city’s IT leaders.