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Whether you’re researching a compliance officer salary or risk management salary, the Robert Half Hong Kong Salary Guide offers you the latest hiring trends and salary percentiles for financial services jobs in Hong Kong.

Regulatory environment is changing

Due to new regulations coming into effect between mainland China and Hong Kong, compliance professionals are sought-after in the financial services market. Jobseekers who can respond rapidly to the regulation changes will remain in-demand, and be in a position to negotiate a more competitive financial services salary.

Demand is outstripping supply

With 95% of financial services CFOs saying it is challenging to find qualified financial services staff in Hong Kong, hiring managers need to address the urgency of recruitment as a top priority and act quickly to hire top talent in a competitive market. If positions remain unfilled for a significant amount of time, companies risk experiencing setbacks through lost productivity, revenue and low staff morale.

Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator

Are you being paid what you're worth? The Salary Calculator provides instant access to average financial services salaries in Hong Kong for roles such as trade support, hedge fund accountants, treasury managers and many more.

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