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Interested in knowing what your financial services salary could be in 2019 or what you should be paying your financial services team? The Robert Half Salary Guide offers the most up-to-date salaries and latest remuneration trends for financial services jobs in Hong Kong.

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IFRS 17 is a priority for the insurance sector

The new financial reporting standard IFRS 17 remains a key challenge for the insurance sector, as finding talent with strong technical accounting expertise and understanding of the insurance model remains a challenge in Hong Kong. While the technical side is crucial, equally so are the soft skills necessary to rollout the new standard. Organisations can also look at upskilling existing employees with strong communication and strategic-thinking skills who would be well placed to help facilitate implementation.

Incentivising and attracting talent

Companies need to be willing to offer an above-market salary when it comes to attracting financial services professionals. With 43% of Hong Kong CFOs in financial services unable to fill a position because they were not able to meet salary expectations, hiring managers need to be more flexible when it comes to the remuneration package. When a salary rise is not possible, companies can explore non-salary options such as flexible working hours or ongoing training to incentivise candidates.

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