What is a competitive Hong Kong IT salary in 2020?

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IT salary trends

Hong Kong’s drive to become a Smart City and digital transformation leader sees organisations making big investments in cloud, big data and analytics, as well as data security. Demand for software development, cyber-security and data facilitator talent remains strong throughout 2020.

Here are three key areas impacting Hong Kong IT salary trends:

Continued demand for talented developers - front and back-end developers, as well as coders continue to be in high demand in Hong Kong, with Java, C++ and React still considered the most essential technical skills in development work.
Major focus on cyber-security - digitisation, cloud storage and data are exposing greater IT risks and increased demand for cyber-security talent.
Data and cloud continue to grow – candidates with strong technical skills in data analytics and cloud services are in high demand to meet the growing number of companies investing in Hong Kong data centres.

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