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Interested in knowing what your IT salary could be or what you should be paying your IT staff? The Robert Half Salary Guide offers the most up-to-date salaries and latest remuneration trends for technology jobs in Hong Kong.

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High demand for data and cyber-security experts

As Hong Kong continues to be an ideal investment hub for data storage, demand for data and cyber-security experts has increased. According to CIOs in Hong Kong, IT security and database management are among the most difficult functional areas to find skilled technology talent. Faster recruitment processes, flexible remuneration packages and staffing options, and working with a recruitment partner can help give companies a competitive edge.

Flexibility is key to attract top talent

According to 77% of Hong Kong CIOs, finding qualified professionals is more challenging today compared to five years ago. While an attractive IT salary remains key, hiring managers should also be prepared for non-salary demands, such as flexibility in the workplace and career development – factors that are of growing interest by today’s candidates.

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