5 of the most rewarding careers in IT in 2023

By Robert Half on 1 August 2023

With technology becoming increasingly influential in every area of business, the demand for IT professionals is high and projected to keep growing.

High demand and short supply usually come with high levels of remuneration, and some IT roles can also be particularly rewarding careers in terms of job satisfaction.

Trying to find out what your career options in IT are? Looking at a career switch to IT? We’ve identified five of the IT jobs that you should find both fulfilling and financially rewarding in 2023.

1. IT Security Specialist

In today's era of rapidly-escalating cyber-threats and sophisticated cyber-warfare, every organisation needs to be vigilant in combating attackers and protecting information assets. The demand for cyber-security specialists in today’s market is high and it’s predicted to be one of the fastest growing career areas in IT.

Security specialists install and configure security software to prevent attacks, monitor and protect against network breaches, educate employees on data security and respond to cyber-attacks with the appropriate countermeasures. They combine an in-depth understanding of cyber-security threats, technologies and countermeasures to ensure secure computer systems.

A job in the IT security space offers a lot of variety. Working with cutting-edge technology, continually adapting and learning to stay one step ahead of cyber-criminals can be extremely satisfying.

2. Developer

Working as a Developer has significant advantages that can make it an extremely fulfilling job and one of the most rewarding careers in IT.

Being a Developer entails having a creative outlet, which involves constantly creating new functionalities that didn’t exist before. You’ll be learning every day and these new challenges will help you to quickly build up the kind of experience that will raise your market value in a skills-short market.

Collaboration is key. A key part of the job is working as part of a team, with other developers, project managers, product managers, testers and clients.

Many companies are willing to pay above-average salaries to skilled software and application developers as the current demand for developers is outpacing supply, indicating the shortage of opportunities for the foreseeable future.

On top of an attractive remuneration package, developers are often able to work remotely. Remote working, even for just a day or two a week, makes for a good work-life balance, further highlighting the attractiveness of the job.

3. IT Project Manager

Working as an IT Project Manager can be extremely satisfying, making it one of the most rewarding careers in IT. Every day is different and the job is very varied as each new project brings a new team and a new set of stakeholders so there are constant opportunities for productive learning and growth.

IT project managers evaluate each project, gather the required personnel and monitor the progress of the work. They handle the budget, the schedule and the timeframe and report progress to the stakeholders.

Project managers need a variety of skills to be successful. In addition to building highly advantageous organisational skills, you’ll also become an effective problem solver and a clear communicator. Over time your skills are expected to further evolve as you take on bigger projects.

There’s always a need for skilled IT project managers to plan and provision work, so demand is high and salaries are highly competitive.

4. Business Intelligence Analyst

A Business Intelligence Analyst (BIA) uses technology to interpret data to spot hidden facts and underlying patterns after which they predict the trends that will drive profitable company operations.

Since the evolution of big data, the world has recognised the power of Business Intelligence, providing companies with a competitive edge to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

As a BIA, your technical, analytical and problem-solving skills will continually improve, which is both personally rewarding and will make you increasingly valuable in the employment market. The role will generally also require your involvement across a broad range of social media platforms and use of their analytical tools.

Business Intelligence is now used in almost all industries and its scope is only going to expand. So BIAs are not only in great demand, they also enjoy highly competitive salaries, further indicating it is one of the most rewarding careers in IT.

5. Network Engineer

In a world where data rules and good data management are a necessity, it’s important that every organisation’s computers have access to networks that allow them to share information easily and efficiently.

Network engineers are responsible for building and maintaining the day-to-day operation of computer networks that companies rely on.

The role requires skilled professionals who have well-developed strategic-thinking skills and the foresight necessary to anticipate problems and address them before they happen.

Network engineers prefer intellectual and creative challenges, contributing greatly to their overall level of job satisfaction.

The demand for network engineers has increased over the last decade as companies have expanded their IT networks, highlighting the increased need for support.

IT offers rewarding career options

The demand for technology specialists is only set to increase, making IT one of the most fruitful areas for graduates and people switching careers to find a range of highly rewarding career options.

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