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If you’re like most jobseekers, your career can be both exciting and challenging. Robert Half, a Hong Kong recruitment agency, has resources to help you throughout every step, from identifying hiring trends and skills, through to advice on how to negotiate a salary. Get expert tips and advice for landing the right role and how to build a promising career.

Should I resign due to bullying at work?

Thinking about writing a resignation letter due to bullying in the workplace? If so, consider these important tips before you act.

How to answer: “What are your weaknesses?” in a job interview

When it comes to job interview questions, “What are your weaknesses” is a high-speed curveball that requires considerable thought on how to best answer it, without making the interviewer think you’d be hopeless on the job. Find out how.

How to write a compelling data scientist resume

Whether you’re an experienced data scientist or a recent graduate, your recruitment chances hinge on the quality of your data scientist resume. It cannot be understated how important it is to invest the time to perfect your resume and showcase your years of experience.

Understanding the accounting hierarchy in the workplace

To help you learn who’s who in the accounting hierarchy in the workplace, we take a closer look at the key roles explaining what they do, their level of seniority and how they contribute to the financial management and strategic decision-making within the business.

What is a cyber security engineer’s starting salary in Hong Kong

We’ve pulled together the key information you need to know about a Cyber Security Engineer starting salary, from the range you can expect to receive, to the factors that influence where you will fit on the scale, and additional considerations outside your salary that contribute to the overall value of job offers.