6 myths about recruitment agencies that need to be put to bed

By Robert Half on 11 February 2019

Are you considering using a recruiter or recruitment agency?

With the meteoric rise in popularity that online job boards and social networking sites are experiencing, some may think, “Should I use a recruiter?” or “Is the recruitment agency still useful?” Recruitment agencies are even more relevant now in this day and age.

Recruiters actually do a lot more than proposing candidates that fit a job description on paper.

Here are the six most common myths about recruitment agencies that need to be corrected.

1. Recruiters never call me 

One of the most common myths about recruitment agencies is that recruiters never make the calls they need to. This misconception may stem from the many job applicants they deal with on a regular basis. Like all busy people, recruiters need to prioritise their time to those who will achieve the best outcome. This means they will often prioritise calls to those candidates they feel are most suited to the advertised position.

All job seekers should expect a response to their application, but, if you want to ensure you’re one of the shortlisted candidates called to arrange that important interview, you need to demonstrate that you are a cut above the others.

2. Recruiters focus only on candidates

Many employers hold the belief that recruiters are more focused on helping candidates get an interview, regardless of their credentials, and doubt if they need to use a recruiter.

Recruitment consultants aim to assist both parties, in order to find the best fit for the role, culture and company. It is not in anyone’s best interest to recommend unqualified talent or recommend an employer that’s looking for a very specific skill set that the candidate does not meet.

3. Recruiters aren’t concerned about building long-term relationships

Another myth about recruitment agencies is that they don’t care about fostering long-term relationships.

On the contrary, their success rests on their ability to generate repeat business and client referrals. A good recruiter builds and nurtures strong contacts and long term relationships.

4. Recruitment agencies are too expensive

Many business owners might be reluctant to use a recruitment agency thinking “Should I still need to use a recruitment agency despite the high fees?” However, it’s important to factor in the potential costs of not utilising a professional’s services. A lot of time and energy goes into finding the right talent, and this is energy that you or your HR team could better spend on growing your business or managing your team.

In addition, making the wrong hiring decision can cost your business more money in the long run. Recruiters have the tools, experience and, most importantly, the distance from your business to find the best-quality candidates and cull those who do not fit the bill.

5. Recruitment agencies don’t understand our industry

Employers may have a misconception that a recruiter doesn’t know their industry. As a result, they think the recruiter won’t be able to find the right staff for their firm.

Most recruiters specialise and network in just one industry, often having worked in the sector themselves and with an established network of talented professionals in their pipeline. These recruiters regularly attend industry events and association meetings.

6. Recruitment agencies aren’t needed anymore

There’s no doubting that online job boards and social networking sites are very popular. And these tools can be used to find good candidates. However, the key role of a recruiter is to find the right person for the role, not as many potential candidates as possible.

Skilled in sifting out the best applicants from a pile of resumes, recruiters know exactly what to ask and, more importantly, how to ask it. Once a candidate progresses to a face-to-face interview, they know to look beyond experience and skills – observing their communication style and whether they would be the correct cultural fit within the organisation.

Recruitment firms also have their own internal database from candidates they have interviewed, networking events and headhunting; which add to the mix when finding the most appropriate person for the position. Candidates have already been screened and interviewed to ensure they are suitable for representation.

Ultimately, the goal of the recruiter and the client are the same: to find candidates who truly love what they do and who are able to bring their best to the workplace every day.

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