Could your career benefit from a career coach?

By Robert Half on 21 July 2022

If you’re feeling stuck or unsatisfied with your career and want to continue progressing up the corporate ladder, perhaps you should consider a career coach. Not just the realm of the C-suite, career coaches are equal parts supportive mentor and unbiased advisor who can help provide clarity and accountability to achieve your long-term professional goals.

Some of the most successful business people in the world have turned to career coaches in order to help them succeed. After all, it was Bill Gates who said, “Everyone needs a coach. We all need people to give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”

What does a career coach do?

A career coach is an expert in career planning and development. They’re able to work with you to assess where you’re at in your career trajectory, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and work with you to create a plan for the future.

As they’re often from a recruitment or HR background, career coaches also have extensive experience in the more practical aspects of career building, like writing resumes and cover letters, and interview preparation, for example.

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What are the benefits of a career coach?

In addition to providing clarity and support, the main benefit of working with a career coach is that they can provide their clients with a competitive edge to help them stand out from the crowd. They do this by teaching their clients how to network effectively; showing their clients how they can create their personal brand; and helping their clients leverage personal connections to find jobs.

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5 signs you need a career coach

Good career coaches are solution-oriented. In other words, they look for solutions to the challenges and obstacles that are keeping your from achieving your professional goals. So, if you are facing the following, it may be a sign that a career coach could be a worthy investment for you.

1. You’re unhappy in your current role

Many people who attend career coaching often do so because they’re unhappy in their current job. There are many reasons for this, from simple boredom to a lack of clear career development and progression opportunities. A career coach can help you identify exactly why you’re unhappy and help find a solution, whether that’s helping you speak to your boss about a career development plan or finding a brand-new position.

2. You want to advance your career but don’t know how

Perhaps you’re looking to take the next step in your career but don’t know what that might be. This is where an expert can come in handy. As experts who have seen a variety of different careers, career coaches are perfectly positioned to help shine a light on likely many options you have in front of you.

3. You’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next

If, despite your hard work, you find yourself not moving up your career ladder or achieving your career goals, it can leave you feeling stuck and unmotivated, and seeking clarity and guidance. An unbiased mentor could be exactly what you need to figure out your next move.

4. You looking for accountability and motivation

It’s hard work to be self-motivated all the time, and when it comes to your career, it’s challenging enough that it can be a source of burn out in and of itself. If you find yourself needing to be held accountable, career coaches can map out a clear path—and hold you to it.

5. You’re struggling in your job search

It’s not always easy to see how you can stand out from the crowd. Career coaches will help you identify your unique strengths and help you build on them or present them so that you’re effectively communicating your value.

Of course, even if you’re just looking for guidance and advice from a neutral third party, career coaches are a great resource to tap into. You can also speak with our recruiters for career advice and job search support. Submit your resume now and one of our recruiters will be in touch.

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