How to show leadership skills in a resume in Hong Kong

By Robert Half on 1 March 2023
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It’s no secret that leadership skills are an essential attribute for jobseekers looking to progress their career towards a senior or management role.

Today, with the labour market in Hong Kong tight and competition for promotions and managerial roles fierce, the ability to effectively show leadership skills in a resume could be what sets you apart and gets you noticed.

To succeed as a leader, you need a combination of personal characteristics and tangible skills that allow you to lead and motivate a team or organisation to achieve their goals.

So what are the key leadership skills and characteristics necessary for success – and how do you showcase them on your resume to secure the role that will progress your career? Read on to see our top tips and examples.

What are leadership skills and why are they important?

The ability to lead effectively is beneficial at all stages of your career, but if you are looking to progress into a senior position, leadership skills are essential.

Whether you are managing a small team or an entire department, there are personal qualities that will set you up for success. For example, to get the most from your people, you’ll need be empathetic, flexible, respectful and lead from the front with your actions and words.

In addition, the leadership skills you’ll need to have under your belt include:

  • Innovation: creative leaders who develop new ideas are highly valued in any organisation
  • Agility: in the fast-paced corporate world, moving quickly helps you stay at the top
  • Flexibility: when things don’t go to plan, accepting change and swiftly adapting is a must
  • Decisiveness: effective decision-making improves efficiency and builds confidence
  • Integrity: leaders with ethical values who follow through on what they say gain respect
  • Motivation: motivating your team to continually strive to go above and beyond is critical
  • Negotiation: effective negotiators find mutually beneficial long-term solutions
  • Critical thinking: working through problems with a clear mind and logical focus is key
  • Relationship building: creating a strong team requires mutual understanding and respect
  • Conflict management: resolving conflict before it impacts the business is a crucial skill.

Hanson Chan, Senior Division Director at Robert Half Hong Kong and specialised financial services recruiter with 8 years’ experience in the recruitment industry says "Leadership skills are critical in today's job market as they are essential for driving innovation, growth, and success. They are especially important for management and leadership positions, where the ability to lead a team and make strategic decisions is paramount. Strong leadership skills can also lead to increased job satisfaction and career advancement opportunities."

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How to show leadership skills in a resume

Once you have identified your leadership skill set, the next step is to work out how to show leadership skills in your resume for maximum impact.

There are a few ways to do this, and the best approach will depend on your chosen resume style and level of experience. For example, if you are highly experienced, you may choose to position your skills in a separate section at the top of the page, right after your personal summary. Here’s an example of how this may look:

Alternatively, you may choose to incorporate your skills into your work experience section. The benefit of this approach is that you can link the leadership skills in with real-life examples of how you demonstrated the skills in the workplace. In addition, connecting your leadership skills with tangible results and achievements really increases the impact of your statements.

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Top tips to upskill your leadership skills

If your leadership skills are lacking in any way, taking steps to upskill them is a smart move. A good place to start is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’re decision-making skills are strong, but your negotiating powers are lacking? Or perhaps you feel confident building relationships but are less confident when it comes to innovation and the development of new ideas?

Making a list of the key areas you can improve allows you to seek out opportunities to acquire or improve these skills.

There are many ways you can upskill your leadership, from traditional pathways such as undertaking a formal course or program, to finding a trusted mentor who is willing to share advice and support you on your journey. The added benefit of upskilling is that it not only improves your skill set, but it also boosts your self-confidence and demonstrates to employers that you are serious about progressing your career and becoming a top leader.

See Hansons' advice on how people can upskill their leadership skills:

  • Take on leadership roles in your community or workplace, such as serving on a board of directors or leading a volunteer organization. This can help you to develop your leadership skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Seek out mentors who have strong leadership skills and ask for their advice and guidance. This can help you to develop your own leadership style and learn from the experiences of others.
  • Attend workshops, seminars, and other training courses on leadership. This can help you to learn new skills and techniques and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader.
  • Read books and articles on leadership to gain a deeper understanding of the skills and traits needed to be an effective leader. This can help you to develop your own leadership philosophy and style.

By following these tips and advice, jobseekers can effectively demonstrate their leadership skills on their resumes, understand the importance of these skills, and upskill themselves for leadership roles.

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