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A Security Architect is responsible for designing, building, testing and implementing security systems within an organisation’s IT network. A Security Architect is expected to have a thorough understanding of complex IT systems and stay up to date with the latest security standards, systems and authentication protocols, as well as best practice security products.

Security Architect duties and responsibilities of the job

In addition to anticipating possible security threats and identifying areas of weakness in a network system, a Security Architect must respond promptly and effectively to possible breaches of security. A Security Architect job description generally includes:

  • Accountable for designing and engineering of security solutions
  • Reviewing current system security measures and recommending and implementing enhancements
  • Conducting regular system tests and ensuring continuous monitoring of network security
  • Conducting threat and vulnerability analysis as part of the security design and solution engineering process
  • Developing project timelines for ongoing system upgrades
  • Ensuring all personnel have access to the IT system limited by need and role
  • Establishing disaster recovery procedures and conducting breach of security drills
  • Promptly responding to all security incidents and providing thorough post-event analyses

Security Architect job qualifications and requirements

A Bachelor degree in Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent is preferred. A Security Architect job description should also include:

As well as formal qualifications, a Security Architect job description should include the following qualities:

  • Min. of 10 years’ experience in IT Security Architecture position
  • Strong understanding of IT security including application and infrastructure design in a sizable corporation environment
  • Solid experience in project management and daily IT operation support
  • Good understanding of IT Governance and Risk Management
  • Solid understanding of security protocols, cryptography, authentication, authorisation and security
  • Good working knowledge of current IT risks and experience implementing security solutions
  • Experience implementing multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, identity management or related technologies
  • Security Certificates in CISM, CISA, CISSP, ISO27000 / 27001 or equivalent
  • Ability to interact with a broad cross-section of personnel to explain and enforce security measures
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills as well as business acumen and a commercial outlook

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