Recruitment training

Onboarding program (First 90 days)

Robert Half offers a comprehensive and integrated onboarding experience to support early role success and integration into the company.

New hire training (4-12 months)

A more intensive training program to assist recruitment consultants with meeting and exceeding performance standards is available to our staff. Interactive workshops on strategic best practices are run by top-performing recruiters of the business.

Advanced training (12-24 months)

After the first year with Robert Half, recruitment consultants undergo the advanced training to further progress their recruitment skills, including an assessment of suitability to manage a team with support at all stages of the business.

Division Director Essentials

For recruitment consultants who progress to Division Director an across-the-board training program will be provided, covering leadership, business forecasting and hiring to take their own team to the next level. The goal is to transition successful recruiters to becoming effective leaders.