6 tips to revitalise your career over Chinese New Year

Ambitious professionals can use this time to reassess where they are in their career for even greater success in the Year of the Pig. Read more here.

Over the Chinese New Year period, many professionals in Hong Kong are celebrating their achievements from the previous year and are set to enjoy a well-deserved rest and spend time with family.

Ambitious professionals can also use this time to reassess where they are in their career for even bigger success in the Year of the Pig. Specialist recruiter Robert Half has devised the following six tips to help professionals revitalise their career in Hong Kong:

1.    Take stock of your career and set goals for the New Year
Whether it’s working towards a bigger salary, delegating more, finding a mentor, joining a professional group, or searching for a new job altogether, professionals should take the time to plan what they want to get out of their career for the year ahead.

Adam Johnston, Managing Director of Robert Half Hong Kong says: “When professionals and jobseekers are focused on the job and the tasks at hand, it can be easy to lose track of their overall career path. This Chinese New Year, people should take the opportunity to assess their current situation and think about where they want their career to be in the future.”

Professionals should start by asking themselves questions such as whether they’re passionate about what they do, whether they enjoy their job and if they’re leveraging their key skills. 

2.    Audit social media profiles
Hong Kong employers are finding themselves increasingly turning to online platforms such as LinkedIn for recruitment. Jobseekers should automatically assume employers will review their social media presence to gain a more complete picture of them as a candidate. Therefore, some jobseekers may need to do some digital housekeeping to present themselves in the best possible light on social media and online forums. 

“For jobseekers, if there’s anything on your social media profiles you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see then it’s time to amend or delete that information, or to review your privacy settings.”

3.    Refresh your resume and LinkedIn profile
Chinese New Year is a good opportunity for professionals who are considering to apply for a new job to update their resume and LinkedIn profile. Jobseekers need to ensure their current CV and LinkedIn profile reflect their most recent professional accomplishments so they have an updated version ready to submit by the time they want to apply.

Jobseekers can increase the likelihood that a recruiter will take a closer look at their profile if they maintain an up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile.”

4.    Start networking
As well as speaking with friends and family (to leverage their connections), jobseekers can use this time over Chinese New Year to network with industry professionals. Get back in touch with old contacts, reach out to previous colleagues, find networking events nearby, or even join college alumni networks online.

“Employees never know when their professional connections may be useful to their career, or what opportunities may be waiting for them just around the corner.”

5.    Learn a new skill in the Year of the Pig
Jobseekers can use this time to find a course that boosts their existing knowledge to improve soft and technical skills, thereby increasing their standing in a competitive employment market. 

 “Developing in-demand skills can help jobseekers to advance in their current role, increase their chances of a promotion and help them stand out against other candidates when applying for a new job.”

6.    Enjoy a break over Chinese New Year
Although this may sound counterintuitive, taking a break can actually help employees’ career. 

“Work-life balance is important, so time away from the office can help them to clear their mind, become more focused and feel positive and ready to face the year ahead. So employees shouldn’t feel guilty about not working and just relax.”