Job hunting in Hong Kong? Why it’s time to reach out to recruitment professionals

By Robert Half on 30 August 2022
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Hong Kong is a prime location to live and work.

Not only does it rank as fourth in the Global Financial Centres Index 19, it is also a dynamic, thriving territory, with a world-class business infrastructure.

In Hong Kong, expectations are optimistic as companies continue to invest in digitisation, increasing the demand for talented professionals with the right knowledge and skills to contribute towards advancement.

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However increased demand is also driving competition for top talent, meaning candidates need to sometimes go the extra mile to demonstrate why they are most suited for the role.

If you’re struggling to secure a job or get ahead of the competition, it may be time for you to consider reaching out to a recruitment professional.

How can a recruitment professional help with your job hunting?

You may be wondering why you should speak to a recruitment professional when you can simply find jobs yourself, with the help of online job boards or sites such as LinkedIn?

Whilst there are many different methods of job hunting, a recruitment professional can help with much more than just sharing a list of job vacancies with you.

The role of a recruitment professional is to find out where you currently are in the market, understand what you’re looking for, know what opportunities are available and see where they can assist you going forward. Instead of just returning streams of jobs, a recruitment professional will find roles that are the right fit for you.

They can also manage the process and give you help and advice in all areas of job hunting. This puts you in the best position to secure your ideal job supported by experts in the career industry.

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If you’re still unsure about how a recruitment professional can help you with job hunting, here are nine key benefits to consider that could make your search easier:

1. Get help at every stage of the recruitment cycle

  • Do you need help creating your career plan?
  • Are you struggling to write an effective CV and cover letter?
  • Are you worried that your interview skills will let you down?
  • Not sure whether you’re negotiating the right salary amount?

A recruitment professional can be there to help you at each stage of job hunting, from start to finish.

2. Save you time

Job hunting can be extremely time-consuming. It can be even harder if you’re trying to juggle a full-time job at the same time.

A recruitment professional can simplify, streamline and even manage the job hunting process for you.

This removes the hassle and makes your life a little easier and less stressful.

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3. See all the latest job listings

A recruitment professional will have a wide range of job listings available, which will be updated regularly.

Plus, with their ear to the ground, they are often the first to know about a new role.

They may therefore be able to put you forward for jobs before they’re even promoted elsewhere.

4. Find a job that fits

Whilst LinkedIn and job boards entail you to trawling through job openings, a recruitment professional will do all that thinning for you.

But what’s more, they will also get to know you first, to help find a job that best suits your soft skills, work styles and career goals.

5. Access to a wider network

Whilst you may be impressed by the 100 connections you have on LinkedIn, a recruitment professional will have an extremely wide network.

By drawing on these connections and getting in front of the right hiring managers, at the right time, you can increase your chances of securing a job.

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6. Give insight into businesses

Once you have been matched with a suitable job, a professional recruiter should be able to give you a real insight into the business.

This can help in the subsequent recruitment stages, such as at a job interview.

This insight can also help you decide whether the business is the right fit for you and avoid you wasting time following avenues that are not right for you.

7. Access to useful resources

A recruitment professional will have a lot of high-quality resources which can help and support you throughout the job hunting process.

The Robert Half Salary Guide for example is a superb tool to identify remuneration and hiring trends currently in the market to help you make an informed decision.

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