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5 essential elements to include in a Finance Director CV

Whether your background is in financial management, or you’re a Senior Accountant or professional in a related field, there are some essential elements to include in your Finance Director CV to set yourself apart from the competition.

5 skills to look for when hiring an IT Auditor

Since an IT Auditor is responsible for ensuring an organisation’s IT systems and infrastructure run efficiently, it is imperative that you hire a candidate who will look towards the long-term wellbeing of the organisation’s IT ecosystem. See the 5 skills needed in your next IT Auditor in Hong Kong.

How to improve virtual collaboration in the workplace

If you’re leading a remote team, how can you keep your people on task and encourage effective virtual collaboration in the workplace? Read on to learn the key challenges, and some tips to overcome them, so your remote workforce can unite in effort despite the distance between them.

What is an Assistant Accountant salary in Hong Kong?

Before you commit to pursuing a role as an Assistant Accountant, you’ll likely be curious about how financially rewarding the role might be. Here is everything you need to know about an Assistant Accountant salary in Hong Kong.